About Me

My name is Cameron and I like to make things. Big things, little things. Real things, virtual things. I just like to create stuff. Lucky for me, other people want me to create things for them and I realized early on that I could earn a living this way. Most people I worked for wanted me to make them virtual things. Websites, designs, photography, videography, editing, and especially visual effects. That last one I enjoyed the most, because using the power of computers, I have the freedom to create ANYTHING I could imagine!

You see, visual effects allow you to have something in your story that you cannot actually film. Either it would cost too much, or it simply doesn't exist. Most of the time something like that really draws people into the story. Who doesn't want to see something that is purely fiction? As children we loved the stories our parents would read us. We want to believe in something greater then what we see with our eyes. Well visual effects makes it possible to actually see imagination.

I think that's what I like the most about making visual effects. Showing other people what I see in my head. It's really cool when they enjoy it as much as I did!

> Education

Early on I realized that I couldn't afford to go to a media college or trade school. Rather then give up, I bought the text books and programs and taught myself. It was a much harder road, but I have a deeper knowledge then just what a school could teach me.

I learned early that you are only as good as your previous work shows you are. With this in mind I strive to make every project I work on exceptional. Just check out that demo reel! >>>

> Experience

I've worn a lot of hats over the years. My first job was a minor music video in 2001 and ever since then my experience has grown rapidly and so has my vision of what I want to do. I like to make things. But more then that, I like to tell a story with whatever I make.

2001-2014 > Freelance Webiste, Graphics and Video Services

2002-2003 > OfficeMax
Part time: Sales and Technical Services

2004-2005 >
Owner: Customized Computer Builds

2004-2008 > Christ for the Crescent Moon (now called "Mani Erfan Ministries")
Part time: Editor, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Technical Services

2008-2011 > Christ for the Crescent Moon Evangelical Ministries (now called "Mani Erfan Ministries")
Full time: Studio Manager, Lead Editor, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Technical Services

2011-2014 > Iran Alive Ministries (Shabakeh 7)
Full time: Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, On-site Technical Services, Backup Audio/Video Engineer, TV Department Training

> Skills

I don't really think I could list all the things I'm good at. Sometimes I discover new ones. This list is things that I have used to the point that I could teach someone else about how they work. In fact I still get freelance jobs to train others on how to use their software and gear. It's cool. I don't mind. :)

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Sony Vegas
Maxon Cinema 4D
Autodesk 3DSMax

Video Copilot
-Sure Target
-Optical Flares
-Element 3D
Magic Bullet
RE:Vision Effects, Inc.
-Reel Smart Motion Blur
Red Giant
-Key Correct Pro
Neat Video Pro
-Noise Reduction
-X Noise
-C4 Compressor
And many, many more..

Computers, Smartphones, Calculators...(Anything with a processor)
Networking (Not social, computer)
DSLR, Traditional, ENG, Cine Cameras (If it has a lens...)
BlackMagic Deisgn (Switchers, Converters, Cameras)
Ross Crossover 16 (Video Switcher)

Behringer X32 (Audio Mixer)
Teradek (P2P Video Streaming Devices)

> Super Powers

Don't laugh! I think all people have hidden super powers. Most people don't even notice them, but I do.

My super power is the ability to learn at lightning speed. I don't know when I gained this power. It's always just been with me. I can read a book on a subject and absorb all it's knowledge. I can play with a new program and within hours I will know it thoroughly. Most of the time this super power is awesome, but it has a dark side too... I forget things. Names, places, numbers. It stinks when you forget your best friend's name. Or forget how old you are. But all things considered I wouldn't trade my super power for anything.

What's your super power?

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After Effects
After Effects

Years of experience with this program has taught me one thing:

Never say an idea is impossible.


I started with Photoshop back in 1999 and yet I'm still learning new techniques 15 years later...

Photoshop is the cornerstone on which I build my knowledge.


Some will say Vegas isn't professional level NLE. I challenge them to find a faster or more precise program. Sorry Premiere, Vegas is built for speed and I love it!

Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D

As the most recent skill I've picked up, C4D is easily the most powerful. I still have much to learn here, but I look forward to every project I can incorporate C4D and push my boundaries further.

A little background info...

So it all started over a decade ago. As I watched Star Wars for the hundredth time, I became curious how they did all those amazing effects. What started as curiosity led to a full blown obsession. I had to know more. I started with Photoshop. I reasoned if I could make a single picture of the special effects from the film, then I could make hundreds of pictures and I could stitch them together into a movie. It worked, sort of. But I still wanted to learn more. Over the years I've steadily learned new programs and skills that lead me to even more programs and skills. The obsession never really stopped for me. Today I watch the big budget films of Hollywood and gain new inspiration, but Star Wars will always hold a special place in my heart.

The process of learning new things has really changed my view of the programs I use. I see them as tools really. There are many tools in my tool chest, but I have my favorites. Those ol' faithfuls that I seem to use on every project. My skill level with these is vast because I use them so often. Also the knowledge I've gained in these tools makes it quite easy to use new tools should the need arise. I find that so long as I'm stretching my boundaries and doing new and interesting things, I love what I'm doing. And if I love what I'm doing, it shows in what I create. That's my philosophy.

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